Thursday, August 9, 2012

Black Wednesday

The first Monday and Tuesday of every Fringe Fest are 2 for 1 days, and many people take those days off work to see shows; but after the buzz, people tend to steer away from theatre for a day before it all picks up again - this day has been labelled 'BLACK WEDNESDAY'.

We weren't told. So when we only had one booking, we hit the streets early and leafleted like mad. We talked to everyone we met, desperately trying to convince them to come to our show.

The problem is, you might convince them to come - but it's unlikely you'll convince them to come RIGHT NOW. We only had a couple of hours.

Yet somehow, we got six people through the door. On black Wednesday. Simply by leafleting. And if we got six to come RIGHT NOW, we must have got a lot more than that to come on other days.

So leafleting works.... it just needs, a LOT of time and effort. But isn't that what we're here for? To give it our all. And we've got friends and family slowly coming in to help out, so the team's getting stronger by the day.

We still haven't had any luck with reviews... no word, good or bad has been written about us, but that's not really under our control any more. All we can do now... is leaflet.

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